The Salted Pig & Jury Duty in Riverside

For most residents of riverside county Jury Duty is a tedious task, sure a civic duty as well, but rarely a reason to get excited. That is unless you’ve happened upon this hidden jem of a restaurant. For most a lunch hour is brown bag of something quick easy and cheap, a quick microwaved something from the vending machine in the Juror waiting room, or worse yet an hours old hotdog from a street vendor.

To the truly hungry the wafting aromar from just around the corner, will beckon you past the junk food with faint hints and tones of smoke and meat.Literally a hundred yards from the main courthouse in riverside are the doors to your culinary salvation. The Salted Pig’s menu is simple. Meat and Drink. But what they do with those two items is delectable.  With only an hour to spare I took to the bar in from of the kitchen. As a disclaimer I am not a drinker so that sampling I’ll leave to your tastes, but what they do have is a killer sour lemonade. As tribute to my grandmother I always have them add a smashed sprig of mint, and that only made this glass sing. To fill in the hour I ordered a burger, the ‘Really Good Burger’ to be exact. This isn’t anything frozen, or smashed flat. These ingredients are fresh handled with loving care, then pan seared to crusty perfection in mouth watering seasoning.  Added to that mix was a mixture of Cream cheese and Jalapeño, and deep fried onions in what seemed like a like and crispy tempura batter. The combo seemed out of place at first, that is until the first bite. That’s when I realized how good that combo was. Lost in an escape, the blanched and utilitarian surroundings of jury duty completely forgotten in this comfortably lit, and spacious environment.

Ale Battered, Bacon Wrapped Date
Really Good Burger and 'Filthy Fries"
I’m Sorry.
This scoop didn’t last long enough for a picture.
You’ll have to imagine a creamy fist sized scoop, infused with carmel
and delicious bite sized pieces of bacon.
Order it, you will not regret it.Unless you are lactose intolerant then it’ll kill you.

Salted Pig Street View & the Riverside Courthouse

Just a 5 minute walk


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