Closing the Incredible Chapter of Jenson USA

From the time I got into college I’d always wanted to work in Marketing. The Idea of communicating a message as a brand I’ve always found fascinating. Just ask my mom how many commercial jingles and slogans I could recite.

When the opportunity came to become part of Jenson USA’s marketing team I about died. Combining two of my life long passions, Cycling and Marketing, is a dream come true. It took a good three months of constant negotiating and trying to prove my worth to finally weasel my way into the job, and even then my first responsibility was analyzing their inventory volumes not directly marketing. That was 2007. I was given control of the affiliate program later that year, and began developing it with the only tool I had available to me, this book. By 2009 I was the full fledged Affiliate Program Manager. The system was proven, efficient, profitable and the dream was in full force.

It’s difficult to describe what it feels like when years at the office pass by in a blur of planning strategizing, positioning, monitoring, developing, and loving every minute of what you do. When the recession hit we all had rough times, and as a marketer paying attention to my customers buying habits and trends, you could not only feel but see the tension and apprehension that existed in the market. From Vendors to customers nobody was immune to gut wrenching choices that needed to be made to remain profitable. That was a tough time. Enjoying the FlowYet at the same time having the ability to be a marketer in this environment I’d never trade for anything. You strive to be creative, to avoid the price gamble and reach out and connect on a real personal level. To not force sales, but help establish priorities, and fulfill the needs of the public while maintaining a great brand strategy … I am going to relish every memory of that. As well as all of the tension and stress reducing after work rides with coworkers, the best cycling brands, their respective managers. This is what makes what makes leaving Jenson USA so difficult.

If you’d have told me that I’d be starting at a new company by the beginning of 2013 in June, during the greatest rebound year I’ve seen in my program, and finally getting a huge plan for 2013 ironed out with an incredible Marketing Coordinator (Wilt Kishimoto), I’d have thought you mad. Very Mad. Yet here I sit knowing that the day after Christmas My family and I are going to be packing up everything we own and heading to Everett Washington and I will be starting work for the Illustrious and whimsical Geek Chic. If you know me well, what I’m about to tell you isn’t going to surprise you.  My Next Chapter


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