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Geek Chic, Opening a New Chapter

I am a geek. I love Battletech, Mechwarrior, Star Trek, Halo, The Walking Dead, the rather long list goes on and on. I love the life lessons that you can glean from extra-ordinary experiences you live vicariously through great story lines. I also love face time with people, and playing great games. Poker, Mao, Uno […] 

Closing the Incredible Chapter of Jenson USA

From the time I got into college I’d always wanted to work in Marketing. The Idea of communicating a message as a brand I’ve always found fascinating. Just ask my mom how many commercial jingles and slogans I could recite. When the opportunity came to become part of Jenson USA’s marketing team I about died. […] 

The Salted Pig & Jury Duty in Riverside

For most residents of riverside county Jury Duty is a tedious task, sure a civic duty as well, but rarely a reason to get excited. That is unless you’ve happened upon this hidden jem of a restaurant. For most a lunch hour is brown bag of something quick easy and cheap, a quick microwaved something from […] 

BrandVerity a Must Have Tool for Affiliate Marketing

I had known of BrandVerity for over a year, but it only took me a Moment to make my decision have BrandVerity assist in monitoring my affiliate marketing program.  That year long procrastination cost me enough to pay for their services for at least 5 years. BrandVerity is a simple, fast, affordable way to monitor your Registered Trademark against Affiliate […] 

Affiliate Marketing: In-House vs. Outsourced; An Inside Look at Both

Which method is best for your business model? Does one method adapt better to your strategic planning then the other? Does it matter what size your business is? If you’re looking into which method is best for how you operate the information you find here may change your outlook on that decision. (Hint, use both.) […] 

$1,000 In Bonuses for JensonUSA Affiliates

       I am throwing down a challenge!    I LOVE getting programs moving and for the bike industry, this is the time to Move. This contest is for Avantlink Exclusive Affiliates. The folks that run AvantLink keep going on and on about how awesome you are, and like the cyclist I am, I’m […] 

Mid-Week Race at Lake Perris

So Last week I went out and hit up the Mid-Week Race at Lake Perris or MRAP put on by SAW Productions on Wednesday. I HAD to it’s in my freaking back yard! This was my first Mountain Bike Race  and only 3rd ride in 3 months after taking time off to enjoy my new daughter. […] 

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