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Closing the Incredible Chapter of Jenson USA

From the time I got into college I’d always wanted to work in Marketing. The Idea of communicating a message as a brand I’ve always found fascinating. Just ask my mom how many commercial jingles and slogans I could recite. When the opportunity came to become part of Jenson USA’s marketing team I about died. […] 

The Salted Pig & Jury Duty in Riverside

For most residents of riverside county Jury Duty is a tedious task, sure a civic duty as well, but rarely a reason to get excited. That is unless you’ve happened upon this hidden jem of a restaurant. For most a lunch hour is brown bag of something quick easy and cheap, a quick microwaved something from […] 

Mid-Week Race at Lake Perris

So Last week I went out and hit up the Mid-Week Race at Lake Perris or MRAP put on by SAW Productions on Wednesday. I HAD to it’s in my freaking back yard! This was my first Mountain Bike Race  and only 3rd ride in 3 months after taking time off to enjoy my new daughter. […] 

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